The Value of External Support

The Value Of External Support

Improvement Of Performance

Hi, I’m Tom Beswick-Brown. In my professional capacity as a self-employed Quality, Health, Safety, Environmental and Accountability Registered Consultant, I get to see some very fine examples of industry best practice. On the other hand, I also observe those who are making the first steps towards an ongoing trajectory of improvement. It is a great pleasure and privilege to witness the gradual and at times rapid change in culture and communication competency in companies where my services have been engaged. Making up to date reports on the positive and negative facets of company progress assists greatly with the improvement of performance.

As an external agent to the companies by which I am engaged, I am able to share examples of best practice that I have picked up through my professional experience. Company management and employees feel able to speak openly to me about the challenges they face day to day. This helps us work together in identifying the causes underlying the negative issues faced by the company.

A key example of where this process has been highly effective is Health & Safety. I am equipped to provide my services to clients who report difficulties with, say, one of their teams experiencing issues relating to non-compliance. This might relate to a range of problems such as the blocking of fire exits, refusal to comply, and housekeeping. Where such problems have been reported, further investigation reveals problems (with solutions) such as storage in the department being insufficient, lack of communication about what is required, and historical relationships with Health and Safety that leave a negative impression about the matter.

With very little financial investment and the by involving staff in the process the situation will improve because the channels of communication have been opened with an external agent such as me. The process of letting people talk about the issues being experienced is highly effective in making them feel part of the team and thereby resolving upon a solution.

Making this happen makes my job worthwhile. The employment of external support will benefit your business in ways that companies often overlook. It will provide affordable and flexible added value to your company in a way that introduces industry-relevant skills and best practice to individuals who are used to managing projects.

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