About TPB Training

So, why use TPB Training and our approach?

Supported training is at the heart of our core service. What do we mean by support? Well, from thorough training needs analysis, to tailor-made training design and delivery – right through to follow-up coaching and implementation – we want to support our clients to create real change. When a business needs to move things forward and create real shifts in attitudes and behaviours – we want to be part of the whole process.

Development Sessions

Confidential Coaching

Tailor-Made Training

about tpb

The Process

It’s simple. We use a tried and tested method that has provided our clients with great results.

​1. What seems to be the issue?
Initial consultation to define the objectives of the training/consultancy.

2. How should we deliver the training/consultancy?
We agree on development solutions for you using your workplace scenarios.
(Where applicable, training materials are yours to keep).

3. Let’s get to it!
We run the development sessions and feedback to you (unless confidential coaching has taken place).

4. Has it worked?
We plan any implementation or follow-up required to ensure that there is learning transfer into your workplace

Need Advice?

If you are looking for a particular type of training course or would like some advice on a totally bespoke course, then please get in touch and we will do our best to help with experienced team!

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