Auditing Quality

Auditing: Quality, Health and Safety, Environment, Social Accountability, Information Security

Maintaining And Improving Quality

The essence of effective quality management for any organisation is to understand and deliver services and products concomitant with clients’ requirements, and with maximum effectiveness. Making sure that your organisation’s services and products are a step ahead of your competitors’ is vital to the growth of your organisation. Maintaining and improving quality is an ongoing challenge.

Certain aspects of quality management are essential to increased productivity. These include customer satisfaction, maximum output, improved effectiveness and quality control. At TPB Partnership, our auditing and certification services ensure that your quality management system is at its most effective according to international standards.

TPB Partnership auditing services are dedicated to quality management, health and safety, environment, social accountability and information security. In engaging with our auditing service, our duty to your organisation is to understand what you say you do, and then prove that you do it according to the recognised standards in those factors mentioned above.

For example, in terms of information security, we would seek to find that you can identify and control the threats your organisation faces from any information security control lapses and how to effectively put in place measures to address those risks.

In terms of social accountability, we would seek to assess and measure your organisation’s mindfulness of the emerging social concerns and priorities of internal and external stakeholders. Stakeholders can include your community, employees, governmental (including local authorities) and nongovernmental organisations, organisational management, and business owners. We would seek to verify that such mindfulness is reflected in your organisation’s respect for civil and human rights, compliance health and safety, environmental and employment law, and the improvement of your local community.

Auditing your organisation to assess that it complies with the law and best practice in relation to the environment would involve observing the efficacy of policy on environmental sustainability and how it is put into action. Factors might include waste management processes and procedures, energy conservation, and recycling.

Our auditing service is not designed or contrived from the outset to find fault with your organisation. It is there to help you meet the national and international standards that make your organisation distinct from others and therefore more competitive.

TPB has an obligation to audit independently, honestly and objectively. Having engaged with your organisation we will provide a report on a sampled audit. This is a like a snapshot in time. This report is based on the collection and interpretation of three types of evidence:

1: Observation

2: Documentation

3: Interviews

The report that is generated by the collection of information in this way will contain the interpretation of the data, which will include possible solutions to any shortfalls identified in processes and procedures.

TPB Partnership is committed to the independent, honest and objective auditing of your organisation’s Quality, Health and Safety, Environment, Social Accountability, and Information Security. We will help you maintain and reach standards that will distinguish your organisation from others.

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