Through a variety of longstanding partnerships, we are able to offer a wider variety of courses. For over 20 years, we have been trusted to deliver courses for many third party organisations across the North West and for many prestigious companies.

A Collaboration Of Industries

TPB Training

Higher Safety Training Solutions

Alternative Partnership

K.L Consultancy

Unique Clean


We Value Our Associates

We value our partnerships with business, corporations, consultancies and organisations! We believe that working closely with suitable business partners enriches staff and encourages professionals to grow, adapt and cooperate better.

The old saying of, ‘two heads are better than one’ has never been more apt, in regards to important business alliances. By working in tandem within each beneficial business relationship, we believe that we grow stronger along with our trusted partners!

What makes Business Partnership Successful?


With great communication, comes great facilitation. A perfect business partnership is always built upon its total cooperation.


Business partners need to totally trust each other! It is the bedrock foundation of any corporate relationship and especially among companies.


Being organised is extremely important in any close business partnership. We work in parallel with our partners so that we are totally in tune!

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