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By taking our Abrasive Wheels Awareness online training course, you’ll become aware of the potential hazards related to abrasive wheels and gain practical knowledge to minimize and manage associated risks. Our course includes topics such as defining abrasive wheels, relevant legislation and guidelines, identifying common hazards, proper selection and handling of wheels, safe usage of wheels, personal protective equipment and respiratory protective equipment, and controlling risks caused by dust.

Course Information

This course is CPD certified, and you can finish it in about 90 minutes. The entire course, including the final assessment, is available online. You can download your certificate upon completion of the course, and it provides 24/7 immediate access to start learning.

  • The course is designed to suit the needs of a variety of learners, including individuals and organisations.
  • You’ll learn from expert instructors who have years of experience in the field of abrasive wheels and occupational health and safety.
  • The course material is interactive and engaging, with visual aids to enhance your learning experience.
  • Our course is regularly updated to ensure that it reflects the latest health and safety regulations and best practices.
  • By completing this course, you’ll be equipped with the skills and knowledge to ensure that you and your colleagues operate abrasive wheels safely and efficiently.

Our IIRSM-accredited abrasive wheels training equips construction and trades workers with the necessary knowledge to handle, operate and maintain abrasive wheels safely. After successfully completing the course, you’ll receive a printable certificate. Our online course provides a comprehensive overview of the hazards associated with abrasive wheels and how to identify them, as well as the legal responsibilities of both employers and employees. We cover the safe storage and regular inspection of abrasive wheels, and how to choose the appropriate wheel for a particular job.

Here are 5 additional bullet points:

  • The course content is regularly updated to ensure that it reflects the latest industry standards and best practices.
  • Our course instructors are experts in the field and provide practical insights based on their experience.
  • The course material is delivered in an engaging and interactive manner, including visual aids and quizzes to reinforce learning.
  • You can access the course material 24/7 from anywhere, making it convenient for you to learn at your own pace.
  • Our course is designed to cater to the needs of both individuals and organisations, with flexible pricing options available for bulk purchases.


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As part of our Abrasive Wheel Safety Training Course, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of an employer’s responsibilities when working with abrasive wheels, the importance of selecting the correct abrasive wheel for a specific task, and the potential hazards associated with using this equipment.

Our course material covers the legal obligations of employers in ensuring that abrasive wheels are used safely, including the requirement to conduct regular risk assessments and provide appropriate training to workers. You’ll learn how to identify the different types of abrasive wheels available, and the factors to consider when selecting the most appropriate wheel for a particular task. We also cover the key safety measures that must be in place when working with abrasive wheels, such as ensuring that the equipment is properly maintained and inspected regularly.

  • You’ll be able to identify the different hazards associated with using abrasive wheels and understand the potential consequences of not adhering to safety guidelines.
  • Our course material also includes guidance on how to use personal protective equipment (PPE) effectively when working with abrasive wheels.
  • The course includes practical demonstrations of safe handling and use of abrasive wheels, to ensure that you’re equipped with the necessary skills to operate this equipment safely.
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