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Learn About Asbestos Awareness!

Book an Asbestos Awareness Training Course Today!… Asbestos can be present in buildings and structures that were built or refurbished, up until the year 2000, so it is essential that anyone working in those places know how to stay safe. This Asbestos Awareness training course raises awareness of the dangers of asbestos and the practical steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of exposure in its presence.

asbestos awareness course

Course Outline

The course covers what asbestos is, the main types of asbestos encountered in the UK, how asbestos causes harm, factors that affect the chances of harm being caused, examples where asbestos is found in the UK, how to reduce the risk of exposure and what to do in an emergency.


Asbestos needs to be taken seriously and can be an extremely hazardous substance in certain situations. This can cause serious ill-health to anyone who disturbs or damages it. For this reason, all workers who may come across asbestos or asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) must be trained so that they can work safely in that environment. This includes work with potential ACMs, accidental discovery of asbestos, and accidental damage to asbestos and ACMs.


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Our accredited Asbestos Awareness (Category A) course is designed for anybody
who works with, or near, asbestos at work. This includes the following job roles:

 Heating engineers
 Ventilation engineers
 Carpenters and joiners
 Roofers
 Plasterers
 Construction workers
 Demolition workers
 Plumbers
 Painters and decorators
 General maintenance workers

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