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Fire safety training is an important part of the job of a fire marshal. We provide fire marshal training throughout the UK. Our courses are designed to keep you up to date with all of your fire marshal knowledge and skills. This page will look at all aspects of these courses and how we can provide you with the right knowledge and skills to be an effective fire marshal through our Fire safety training course.

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There are several things to consider when it comes to fire marshal training. The most important being that a fire marshal is a vital part of any company or organisation. They are responsible for making sure that the safety of a building is taken care of. They are also responsible for making sure that a building is up to the fire code and that the fire code is being followed. A marshal also helps in the case of a fire to make sure that people are evacuated safely and that the fire is put out properly and quickly. A fire marshal is a very important staff member and the training they get will follow through to the action they take in an emergency fire situation. Our course covers all of these aspects and everything needed to carry out the role of a fire marshal safely.

Course Aims

For many of us, fire safety is a bit of a mystery. Every year there are many people who lose their lives because of fires. The best way to make sure you and your family stay safe is to learn the basics of fire safety. Fire safety training is critical for anyone in the fire safety business. Each year, we add new courses to keep up with the latest fire and fire safety knowledge. If you haven’t kept your knowledge up to date and want to refresh your skills, then this is the course for you. The aim of our course is to enable you to carry out fire safety in a professional and proficient manner.


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We provide courses for both Fire Marshal (Lead) and Fire Marshals with professionally and uniquely developed course modules covering all aspects of fire marshal training, including risk assessments, evacuation, plans much more.

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