why do i wear a tie

Why Do I Wear A Tie

Why Are You Wearing A Tie?

While in virtual meetings today, the question came up, “ why are you wearing a tie?” the answer was simple. Despite people like me being in locked down and working from home, I still get dressed for work.

I mentioned to the questioners how I even get up at the regular time for a working day and wear appropriate clothing for work.

It doesn’t matter to me that the meetings are electronic. However, I would much prefer to see people in person and shake their hands. I like the routine. The fact is that I am still working and that I always try to present myself as a professional and that I take my job very seriously.

I then thought what other benefits are there for having a routine while on lock down.

Blurt, who is an online organisation, has published what they believe is essential about a routine.

In the article, it stated that a routine might be an anchor for people, their example was; The evening Meal;

The article said that;

That no matter what happens during the day people know their evening meal will be there at 6 pm and then going to bed at usually the same time on a school night, (my words not theirs) for instance I don’t drink on a school night (a working night) because it would not help me sleep well and depending upon how much I drink, could affect my judgements the next day.

Skilled for life website, mentions 18 different reasons for keeping a routine:

Makes us more efficient, emphasising, if you do the same thing often enough you become proficient at it, I can tie a Windsor not in my necktie without using a mirror for instance.

They talk about it reducing stress levels if you have a routine, one of the times stress appears is when you have to plan and not just do things as you usually would. By following a method according to Skills for life, it helps to develop good habits and helps to break bad habits

I suppose this means practice makes perfect?

One of the (I believe) excellent points made is that a routine will help prevent procrastination if we haven’t got that get up and go. We don’t have that same purpose, and then it may be easy to say “I will do it later.”

On the website Head Space, similar articles to other sites have mentioned.

Mine, however, are straightforward I keep a routine to keep me on track with my homework my diet and my downtime, it would be all so straightforward to sit eating most of the day and to leave everything until the last moment before submission.

Having a routine also helps me remember what day of the week it is while working from home. By having the working ethos routine, I then can look forward to the weekend, which I usually carry out, DIY, wash the Car and Gardening etc.

All this, of course, does not mean that you need to be in a routine every day, it would be OK just to pick one day, to give it purpose or three days a week it would be ok I am sure if you just set aside some times to do nothing at all.

Whatever you do and however you do it stay safe and stay healthy.

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