COVID-19 – Some Hope In Unprecedented Times

In the midst of the fear, apprehension, and uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus pandemic, each day seems to bring news that’s even worse than the day before. Although the cause for concern is justified, there are many reasons for hope and even optimism.

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  1. Most people with COVID-19 recover. Estimates now suggest that 99% of people who contract COVID-19 will recover with some people having no symptoms at all. Worldometers’ live coronavirus counter provides the facts about COVID-19. Out of almost 230,000 active cases there are currently just over 218,000 that are in mild condition, this is 95% of the active cases. There have also been nearly 100,000 people recover from the virus.

  2. Children seem to be infected less often and have milder disease. According to the CDC, the vast majority of infections so far have affected adults. And when children are infected, they tend to have milder symptoms. For children and their parents, that’s good news.

  3. The number of new cases is falling where the outbreak began. Wuhan, the site of the very first cases, has just reported no new local cases for the first time since the outbreak began. The director-general of the WHO pointed out that “China and the Republic of Korea have significantly declining epidemics.” This shows that the end of this virus is in sight.

  4. The internet exists. Unlike in the past, we now are able to stay in contact with loved ones whilst social distancing. There are so many ways to video call friends and family now as well as ways to instantly message, creating a feeling that you are still together in some ways.

  5. The environment is thriving. From crystal clear waters in the canals of Venice to dramatic falls in pollution levels in major cities, the coronavirus pandemic has had a number of positive effects on the environment. Not only are Venice’s waters running cleaner, but the absence of motorboats has allowed for dolphins to swim closer to the shores.

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If you are worried about the COVID-19 outbreak, please consider looking into our Coronavirus & Infection Control course to help businesses deal with the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 outbreak. The course is designed for any level of staff that may lead to an infection control situation. This one-day course will be provided in our Lancashire based training centre, whilst keeping within the government’s suggestion of social distancing. Our training professionals hold over 25 years of experience and are eager to help you and your business overcome this unprecedented event. For more information regarding this course please visit our website, Facebook page or call us. Please stay safe and remember: keep washing your hands!

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