People Development - Keeping Ahead of the Game

It’s a commonly held view in the management and HR departments of most organisations that they are training their people sufficiently. Conversely, a great deal of employees do not believe that they are receiving enough training. It’s a bit of Catch-22 type situation. It is, however, better to train your people and lose them, rather than not train them and keep them!

Every organisation with employees needs an effective people development strategy. A people development strategy is essential if an organisation is to react to changes in conditions in the market and in current legislation.

It’s all about promoting the growth and development of your organisation, whether in terms of economic expansion or compliance with new legislation. If an organisation doesn’t do this, it will become irrelevant and will most likely cease to exist.

The development of organisational procedures and processes has to be made in step with the development of your people

This means that you have to be ‘ahead of the game’. Your organisation needs to develop people just ahead of the point at which new skills and knowledge become relevant. If you train your people too early, they will forget what has been communicated. If you train your people too late, they will start making mistakes.

Training your people is a decision that has to be made at the operations and line management levels. Your people will not receive the best and most appropriate training to their needs if the decision comes from the central point in your organisation. Operations and line managers know the best timing for training in order to stay ‘ahead of the game’.

A strategy for developing your people (and yourself) will help make sure that the changes that need to be made in order to respond to changes in the market and in new legislation are directly linked to appropriate training. This is where TPB Partnership comes in.

At TPB Partnership, we will engage with your organisation and make a thorough training needs analysis in order to tailor-make training design and delivery all the way through to follow-up coaching and implementation. When a business needs to move things forward and create real shifts in attitudes and behaviours – we want to be part of the whole process.

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